“What the Dog Doin’?” first episode released
“What the Dog Doin’?” first episode released

“What the Dog Doin’?” first episode released

What the Dog Doin’? Episode 1

On Friday, October 6, my news team and I released the first episode of “What the Dog Doin’?.”

This show has been a long time coming. We faced some challenges throughout the creation process, most significantly, the challenge of multiple public, on-campus events being “off-the-record” and prohibiting media coverage.

Nevertheless, we had the honor to cover La Fuerza Latina’s (LFL) ice cream social and Student Alumni Association’s (SAA) Kissing Rock event, which made for a great debut of on-campus news.

In addition, I couldn’t do it without the talented individuals that helped me with this project. Thanks to Mel Munoz, Harrison Ziegler, and Bryson Rea, the first episode is everything I hoped it’d be. In the first 24 hours, the video’s views on Youtube were performing better than Drake Broadcasting System’s (DBS) typical amount. I bring this up not to compete with DBS’s other content, but to highlight that our work paid off. 

The Process: Set Creation

When I began working on the set design, I knew I wanted the set to be minimalistic, but still creative, and comparable to other student news programs. In effort to achieve these characteristics, I first gathered the wooden letters W, T, D, and D to stand for What the Dog Doin’ (WTDD). I painted them blue and strung them along a sturdy piece of yard, then connected the string of letters to the black curtain backdrop with clothespins. After that was finished, I picked up a wooden dog decoration and decorated a white mug with our show’s logo.

The Process: Feature Creation

As mentioned earlier, we covered LFL’s ice cream social and SAA’s Kissing Rock event. Due to scheduling conflicts, we unfortunately weren’t able to conduct sit-down interviews with coordinators of these events. However, we get some on-site interviews at the Kissing Rock event and put together a montage for the ice cream social. What I enjoyed most about covering these events was simply attending them. I noticed that before starting WTDD, I didn’t make an effort to go to on-campus events. When it became a priority to start attending for my news show, I realized what I was missing out on, and how important it was to be involved in the campus community.

Our Next Episode

On Friday, October 20, we will release the Halloween episode of WTDD. One of the stories we are covering is arguably scary, which is perfectly on-par with our theme— registered student organizations’ budget cuts. On the brighter side, we will feature the grand opening of the Mediacom Stadium, which occurred on the 12th. Subscribe here to stay tuned!

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