DBS Halloween specials: “What the Dog Doin’?” and “The Dog Dish”
DBS Halloween specials: “What the Dog Doin’?” and “The Dog Dish”

DBS Halloween specials: “What the Dog Doin’?” and “The Dog Dish”

The Dog Dish: Halloween Edition

On Friday, October 27, the second episode of “The Dog Dish” will be livestreamed on Drake Broadcasting System’s (DBS) YouTube channel. 

Once a month, DBS produces a live show, highlighting the video projects and hosting skills of our members. Last month, we aired our first episode of the season. Released on September 22, we featured a promo of “What the Dog Doin’?” (my news show!!), “A Word From the President,” archived footage of Hubbell’s breakfast at midnight, and what to do in a small town, all hosted by DBS correspondents Max Green and Reno Valentino.

For our halloween episode, Seth Coughlin and Patty Caldera will take the reins as hosts, and they will be dressed to the nines in halloween costumes. We have a spooky assortment of packages for this episode: 24 hours in Meredith Hall, a scary “Ask the Public” segment, a taste test of Halloween-themed drinks, a live game of Pictionary, and a live performance from Levity, a Des Moines-based alternative rock band. 

What the Dog Doin’? Halloween Edition

Preceding the livestream of “The Dog Dish: Halloween Edition” on Friday, October 27, “What the Dog Doin’?” had its halloween episode released on Friday, October 20. In this episode, we covered some scary news, like the registered student organizations’ budget cuts, and some not-so-scary-news, including the grand opening of the Mediacom Stadium.

Specifically, within the budget cuts story, we emphasized the adversity Drake Mock Trial is now facing as they manage a $0 budget. I interviewed the press secretary, Zoe Sadauskis, to speak more on the significance of Mock Trial as an organization and their efforts to raise funds. They had a Chipotle fundraiser this past Saturday, October 21, which was not originally planned specifically for the budget cuts, but Sadauskis mentioned they were “really lucky that it came at this time.”

Later on in the episode, we covered the grand opening of the Mediacom Stadium. This exciting event consisted of speeches from notable individuals that worked closely with the project, such as Des Moines Public Schools (DMPS) Superintendent Dr. Ian Roberts and President of Drake University Marty Martin. In addition, we spoke with DMPS cheerleaders and Drake University’s men’s soccer team about their excitement for the new stadium. 

All in all, DBS is off to a successful start for the 2023-2025 school year, and I’m excited for our future projects. Tune in on Friday, October 27 at 7 pm for the DBS Halloween Special!

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